13 May 2018

9 May 2018.

It's our GE day, remember?

Oh my, I was so excited and anxious! This is my first time making such a decision for my country.  I studied on how to cast a vote so many time just to make sure I won't be making any mess on the day itself. I woke up a bit late, I had to queue up for nearly 2 hours it the scorching hot sun. I literally burnt myself out.

After two days of holidays, and yes, before that, WE'VE WON!! Hehe, I am genuinely happy. PH has taken over and Tun is our new PM. I am touched! Now, we got Malaysia baru. I hope to see the new me too.

Selamat Malaysia! We love you.

Do you not feel patriotic? Because, hell yeah, I do!