22 April 2015

Random 3.0

1. Kenangan dan kehidupan masa lalu datang lagi dengan bisik bisik jahat tentang...tentang.. bla bla bla..

2. Duhh! It's wayyy too funny to even talk about what-ever-bad/good-things happened to yourself all of sudden kan.

3. I've learnt on how to deal with my problem(s) or people to be exact. If you really have matured enough you won't go meroyan here and there and seek attention, they say.


4. A friend can be a foe.

5. 23, and mature enough to think about what's good and what's bad. You know you've made a good decision when you've never hesitate or even question your decision. But just so you know that, there are people out there who will try to ruin everything because they think they know everything, better than you. 

I should have replied, thank you, but no thank you.

6. To quote Wani Ardi's tweet, 

"You don't need to be super nice if you don't want to, but you can also choose not to be an asshole."

Choose either one, and make the best decision out of you :)

7. You know yourself better than others so don't ever let people tell you what to do. It's your life, you've your right. Remember, you're not here to please people around you. People will eventually let you down, but do remember, Allah don't.

8. I'm currently fighting my illness in a cool and steady way. Hoping to be healthy enough to end my semester as a third year student :)

9. Being an anak manja and "anak orang kaya" (please read it with that quote unquote notation) makes people have this thought that I can never be independent to live by myself. 

I do get annoyed by people reaction when I tried to share (anything).

Saying 'untunglaaaaa' doesn't make both of us any better. Rezki orang lain lain. Don't go hating others because you don't get what you've wanted all this while. Be grateful on what you have. Talking bad about others won't make any changes in your life after all.

10. Rindu sungguh nak menulis. Tapi tak power menulis. So I go meroyan here? (Refer notes number 3) haha. Takpalahhh, it's okay to be an attention seeker sekali sekala *peace yo*

Stay strong and healthy.

Pemuzik Jalanan.


PS said...

menulis is no limit.
meroyan also one type of menulis.

Rapunzel Cikilolo said...

challenge yourself. people can say, stop them with action and achievement.

someone tell me that way, even i am not achieve anything.