26 May 2011

25 May 2011


Thanks for being such a nice, bestfriends.
Always be there for me.
Next to me when im happy or sorrow.
Its been 5 years, i hope our friendship will last forever!
I love each and every one of you.
Be good. Take care.

Lets make our parents proud of us.
Struggle to the maximum.
Achieve the excellent result.                                           
Gets to work, get married.
Have tons of beautiful and charming kids.

Happy Anniversary guys!
I love you, seriously do.

Hey you thanks for the sweet date.


cik ciput said...

BFF ke dik?wat gathering ke?hehe..

**teringin nak jumpa kamu..sila petik gitar kamu barang satu dua lagu bila ditakdirkan kita bertemu =)

pemuzik jalanan said...

A ah laa kakak :)
No laa tak nyempat nak jumpa semua busy.

Kann! Jomm tapi segan la nak bawak gitar hee ;p