14 March 2014

Random 1.0

  1. It's March and I'm officially 22.
  2. Psychology is getting much more interesting every single day. I've started to get myself into some kinda philosophical theory. Philosophy, it's surely not my thing. Macam tak percaya, but well people change, so bear with it. I mean, bear with me.
  3. Entah kenapa tapi, there's something about Existentialism that makes me want to dig in and search more on it. Anyone? Existentialist?
  4. In Islam and Psychology class we learnt about Freewill vs. Determinism. The Existentialist believe in freewill of course, but then they are being too free willed. A ah, Sartre, Camus, Kafka even Kundera. (Noted that i did not yet read any of this authors book, I googled)
  5. To know that the psychologist reject religion and came out certain statement... One word, nuisance. We have to challenge each ideas to prove that they're wrong. Plus, they didn't include religion together with their studies because they have made Psychology itself as a new religion.
  6. Frued? He stated that God is just an illusion as we need someone to depend on. Macam tu lah.
  7. IIUM authorities on the other hand are becoming a lot more ridiculous. Malas nak argue because yelah, bla bla bla...
  8. Kesedihan bukan sesuatu yang bersifat kekal bila kau tahu erti sabar dan ada kepercayaan paling dalam pada Tuhan.
  9. Get yourself busy, you'll be fine. 
  10. Aku dah okay, kau okay?


- elina - said...

aku okay.

Illyani Ismail said...

in progress to be okay.

Päk Läng said...

dalam kehidupan beragama dalam erti kata lain, percaya wujudnya tuhan; jangan cari Tuhan, sebaliknya carilah kebenaran. kerana Tuhan senantiasa wujud di sebalik kebenaran yang ditemui.

selamat meraikan hidup seadanya! ;)