30 November 2015

Off being an emotional prick.

Today was the day when nothing went well. The time I was in a total despair. Though, I keep telling myself everything would be just fine.

Have you ever been keeping everything inside you and one day you feel like letting everything out and get a clear explanation of what's going on with you, yourself or with others. I am that kinda person who would feel bad if I did intentionally or unintentionally hurt others. I would feel bad like, real bad.

Ibu once told me to not do bad things to others. Even if you're not in a good state, be tolerate, be the first to apologize even if you're not the one who should be blame. Carry the responsibility of whatever things you have done. Be good to others even if they don't,

I had a series of breakdown today. People talk bad behind you. Assignments got rejected and I may scored zero, it's a group project and we missed an important part in the report. My other group mates put up my number online without my consent and I'm kinda pissed off. What else I should do than being the angel-like me (not at all), pretending I was doing just fine and stay calm. We all have that acah-acah moment where we try not to curse others when we are in that kinda situation but we did it anyway, secretly (of course!). There's some other things that makes me feel bad, but no, I shouldn't be. I thought I was going to be just fine but I didn't. 

I don't know what has got into me today. But, I do feel so sad and blue. Something been hanging inside me. The pain. In my chest. I'm just emotionally hurt but Alhamdulillah, I'm physically well. 

Allah knows what I'm going through. He knows I can handle this. He knows it very well.

By the way, I'm sorry if in anyways, I did hurt any one of you. I seriously am. I tried to be good to everyone, but no one would ever manage to please everyone. Let's just be good to each other then.

On the brighter notes, I get to replenish my friendship relationship but I don't know how well would it goes. As for now, we just hope for the best.


PS said...

kenapa ni potet?

pemuzik jalanan said...

Okay ja potet. Struggling dengan kehidupan jaa. Tak sabar nak tunggu anak buah keluar! You take care. Kak Wani too. Grrr. Aunty Potet tak sabar nak jumpaa babyyyy wuhuuuu

James said...

artikelnya menarik ,,
mantap,salam sukses,,

- elina - said...

tabah kak amighaa.