27 October 2017

A Night with MASDO vs My First Experience

21st October  2017.

It was my first gig. I was soooo excited to see my favourite band! I dressed up well with my floral top, put on my light make up, show off my rosy cheek and bright lips (apparently it's blusher and lipstick) and get ready at the entrance.

Oh well, I'm just that naive.. Or should I say 'inexperience'?

I went there with Boo (as he's been into this scene long before me, he didn't get the excitement that I felt) haha.. So, I said I want to go to front and ask him to wait for me nearby the entrance. I love the fact that he always let me do the things that I really wanted to do own my own. I love the fact that he let me get this kinda experience while at the same time he was there, watching over me.

Here I go.

It was stuffy. I can't breathe. I was sweating like hell! Before that I went to surau so I've removed my make up (luckily!). Dah la they even pushing each other and dancing or moshing? (sorry not familiar with the term) like crazy. I got dehydrated and dying (just exaggerating). I texted Boo he laughed at me and said 'if anyone do bad thing to you, make sure to kick them'. I did.

No I didn't. They pushed me. I pushed them back! Thanks to my new friends and abang-abang who has been helping me through out the first half of the gig. I survived. It was, fun though.

Yaa..sebab I really cannot tahan, I was dehydrated, remember? I decided to go out and meet Boo. I was drenched in my own sweat. Yucks! Haha.

After Maghrib prayer, we went back in to watch MASDO! This time round he followed me in.

You know what? It's funny that a small and simple gesture can mean a lot to you. At that time you know that you are doomed.

Why? I've always doubted the ability of a person to fall in love over and over again to the same lover, over time.

And, I get the chance to experience it, that night.

Ahh, it has been 5 years and still counting. Hope to be forever.

Apa pun, MASDO surely luar biasa! as always.

Cheers to my very first and might be the last gig (haha!).

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