06 May 2018

Of Kerabu Mangga and Laptop

2nd May 2018.

S has gotten a new job, Alhamdulillah! Well, it's not an easy phase for him now. We had few things to juggle in between. Our publishing and printing house is in hiatus for now. Our rumah PJ is still running. He had just sell his laptop so, we have to search for a new one. On our way there, I was damn hungry and I was having my PMS so, I teringin nak makan Kerabu Mangga.

We sat at the first stall and started to order the dishes. Not until the waitress mentioned that, "Kerabu Mangga takda." We said sorry and left. S patiently strolled the stall one by one to ask for it and we made it at the 6th stall. That's when I know, we fell in love for the simplest things in life as for me; Kerabu Mangga?

We managed to find a good laptop for S and he's as usual, busy with works. I hope things are going to get better for us.

Good luck, boo!

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