29 April 2018

April rants

1. Mom and dad were away for 12 days to tour Europe. I'm home alone babysitting my kid. It was fun la to be able to juggle between masak, mandikan anak, kemas rumah, jaga diri sendiri, blablabla... Nope! It turns out that, it was tired as hell! Hahaha. Not yet ready to be a mom nor wife. Let me have fun with myself first lah. 

2. April was hella fun month! I went to Perhentian with family. Weh, snorkeling was great! I mean, whyeh the experience I had in back in Krabi was just.. mehhhh.. The people were nice. The beaches was awesome! Most of time. I was in awe. Love love!  

3  Right after that was my Sabah trip. I managed to go back to Kg. Pahu and reunited with mommy and daddy again. Oh my, how I missed being there, back in Sabah. Not KK la. My kampung and all. We even drove till the tip of Borneo. This one, Ya Allah, we even did stargazing! I don't know how to describe it but MasyaAllah, I felt like I hilang fo awhile. Cantik sangat. If you've got the chance to exolore Sabah, please do. You won't regret! Promise. From KK-Tenompok-Kg Pahu-Kundasang-Tuaran-Tamparuli-Kota Belud-Simpang Mangayau and back to KK. Sewa kereta and get going okay?

4. It's not easy handling breakups y'know. And up until now, saya masih lagi tak faham dengan orang yang baru breakup tapi dah dapat cari pengganti. Like, your past relationship meant nothing for you. Okaylah, can't generalize everything but still.. For me, love is something sacred. It takes time for you to build in a new relationship, to learn to love again. And entahlah, we will fight for the love we think we deserve kan?

5. Depression is real. To all, it's really not okay for you to have these negative and suicidal thoughts. And yet, telling people to sembahyang as if they didn't know it. In handling a fragile people, you don't have to state the obvious. They knew it. Reach them. Love them. Let them know you are there by being there for them. If you're that lucky, you haven't yet experience the shities phase in your life, be grateful. Stay strong beautiful souls! No rush, when the time comes, you will eventually be alright.

Looking forward for 1 May. I need extra rest.

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