15 March 2011


Its been a while and yet i never heard anything bout you.
It is really hard for you to tell me the truth?
What's really going on?

Im feeling so miserable.
Thanks to you.

Seriously,im not missing you
I've got lots of thing to do

Just by thinking of you doesn't even makes me feels better.

Im sick of this kinda feelings.

Okay,all of these are lies
Please come back mr gayboy :'(

We're bestfriend don't we?


ghost writer said...

terus jangan difikir lagi...
lelaki itu,untuk menjelaskan kebenaran masih perlukan kekuatan dan masa.takut kalau kebenaran itu lebih menyakitkan...

u have gayboy..haha

amira syuhada said...

kalau ikutkan aku mmg tanak fikir pun buat sakit kepala lagi ada laa ghost.

gayboy pun okay apaaa haha

cik ciput said...

must be a really good friend of yours huh..

just build another friendship, with another friend, though it's hard finding a true friend.. =)

amira syuhada said...

Yup! :')
Its easy to say but difficult to do.
Thank you for your advice though kakak :))